If you are not getting between 70-90% net commission after franchise fees how can you compete in 2018 and beyond? Top agents are getting rewarded for effort.

There is nothing more important in real estate than your personal profile. It moves with you and should be constantly growing. Let us set up your own brand at no cost and become an Elite Agent/Business Owner and a leader in your area.

Initial franchise fee waived until June 30, 2018. 

Smile Elite can offer you:

  • It’s your business without the cost and headache of managing staff, overheads, premises or a shop front associated with a traditional real estate agency
  • No monthly head office management fees
  • We manage your rentals
  • You own a saleable asset including your rent roll and your business
  • We manage the entire back end for you and so much more

As a service provider that specialises in the promotion of Elite Agents, and future stars only.

Is the number #1 agent in your area well known? If the answer is yes allow us to assist you to become the industry leader in your area.

Why settle for less when other agents are now taking their commission, rental assets, profile and number of listings to an entirely new level.

The industry is completely changing be well-informed + take control of your future.

Call for a confidential meeting to discuss if we are a suitable match.

Don’t get left behind

“With a lot of options on the table, in the end the decision was really easy for me. Work for myself with the support of an experienced team in Real Estate and business. I couldn’t be happier.”  Megan MacKay – Elite Agent/Business Owner 

Phone: 1300 712 712 or enquiries@smileelite.com