Looking to sell in winter?

Some things to remember.

Those buyers that are serious about purchasing a property that suits their requirements, are always on the lookout, rain hale or shine, and that includes winter.

Here are some things you may want to consider when getting your house ready for market this winter.

Street Appeal

Winter days are not terribly favourable for colourful flowering shrubs and trees and quite often streets and paths may be covered in fallen leaves. Pay attention to the entry of your home ensuring that any hedges, garden beds, trees and paths are all neat and tidy. Trim your hedges and trees. Remembering that the front of the house is the first thing buyers will view. You need to make a great first impression.

Warm and Cosy

Now that we have the buyers inside, let’s keep them there for a while! Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by regulating the temperature of the home where possible during the inspection time. There’s nothing better than walking into a toasty warm home on a winter’s day.

If you have an open fire or gas fire place, why not feature it? Making sure not to have the temperature too high as this will not have the desired effect. (note – if using an open fire, it is worth having your agent note to buyers as they enter that the fire is on and if there are any children with them they must be responsible).


Our winter days may not be the most favourable when it comes to natural light, so it’s important to enhance what natural light there may be and accentuate it with artificial light where needed.

Some tips:

  • Be sure to have all of your window coverings open to the fullest. Blinds and curtains drawn.
  • Switch on all the lights in the home, including ceiling lights and lamps.
  • Move or remove any unnecessary window dressing or items that may be obscuring any natural light.
  • Decorative lights or statement pieces can really ‘shine’ on winter days.
  • Make sure that all the windows are clean, this will allow the most amount of light into the home.
  • Be aware of your particular homes location and where the light will be at different times of the day, then choose an open house time that will best suit your location allowing for the most amount of light available.

Furniture features

Winter is a great time to use furnishing features such as blankets, throws and rugs to enhance the appeal of your home.

Splashes of colour can be added by simply placing a folded blanket over the arm of a couch or the end of a bed.

Rugs can also be used effectively to create different zones in a large space. Different textures can also be put to great use, softening otherwise hard surfaces like floor boards or tiles.


Roofing and guttering maintenance

With leaves falling from trees and the possibility of rainy days, it’s extremely important that the roofing and guttering on your home is up to the test. Make sure that all your gutters are clean of debris and while you’re up there, check to make sure the roof is in good order. You don’t want to have any leaks in the house that may then cause a damp smell, this could be a major concern for potential buyers.

If you have a pool, ensure it is clean and not overflowing. Also ensure that the surrounding drainage is functioning as it should


The above tips should keep you in good stead for winter showings. With a little preparation and forethought you will certainly be putting your home in the best position to achieve the highest sale price.

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Looking to sell in winter?