Landscaping projects that add value to your home
By: Smile Elite
February 01, 2023

Many landscaping projects can also enhance the quality of air and indoor air; creating a well-rounded plan can create a healthy environment for all members of your household. Though it may cost bigger, which means you need a bigger budget, it aids the overall ambience of your house,” says business expert Shane Perry of Max Funding—one of Australia’s leading second mortgage facilitators.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development Communications and the Arts notes that landscaping can be essential to home improvement, adding aesthetic and functional value to your residence. Incorporating plants into your landscape design can increase your home’s curb appeal while improving its overall livability.

By undertaking these simple tasks, you can increase your home’s curb appeal while also making it more comfortable and functional. Here are some landscaping projects that can add value:

1. Plant Trees

Simply put, trees are one landscaping item that almost every professional advises doing to raise a home’s value. Because of potential root damage to the home’s foundation, falling branches, or other problems, careful consideration of tree placement is essential. But strategically placed trees have continually shown to be a wise investment.

2. Beautify the Entrance Walkway

One of a potential buyer’s initial impressions is formed by your home’s entrance or walkway. Spend some time creating a picture-perfect walkway and entrance. Your home’s atmosphere is immediately improved when the walkway is tastefully designed. Placing flowerbeds or hedging on either side of the walkway, and maintaining sufficient lighting for the walkways, are just some ideas to try. Enhance your entrance, and provide a beautiful welcome to your home.

3. Invest in a Well-Kept Lawn

Never undervalue the importance of a well-kept front yard or lawn as another critical component of curb appeal. First impressions matter and a well-kept front yard significantly impacts your property’s curb appeal.

4. Put on Some Outdoor Lighting

Beautiful landscape lighting not only improves security around your home, but also raises the value of your property. The entire appearance of the house is automatically enhanced by a well-lit yard, increasing its value to potential purchasers. One of the outdoor landscaping amenities that buyers of real estate most frequently want is lighting, and lighting fixtures are still one of the popular suggestions for homeowners to significantly raise the value of their homes.

5. Create a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a popular home feature ideal for families, new couples, and anyone who enjoys entertaining guests.

6. Establish Privacy

Providing a sense of seclusion is typically a key selling point for houses. One method to accomplish this desirable goal is through thoughtful landscaping design.

Elevate the value of your home with Smile Elite

By taking the time to research options and selecting the right landscaping project for your needs, you’ll be able to add critical benefits to your property without breaking the bank.

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Acknowledgment/author: Jackson Taylor