Winter Wonderland – The Power of Selling in Winter
By: Smile Elite
July 01, 2023

Winter is a time when we generally like to stay indoors away from the unpredictable weather and keep warm. However not everyone stays indoors!

During the winter months there are still potential buyers out and about looking to secure their dream home. And the good news is that the market is still lively and buyers who are searching during winter are highly motivated and eager to buy. 

Selling a property always comes with its challenges and the winter months are no exception. So, if you are thinking of selling and sceptical about the winter months, don’t be. 

There are some key tips to remember for winter selling:

Know the market: As with any property sale, no matter the season, it is important to understand the current market. Property prices have moved, so it is wise to be well-informed and to get an up-to-date appraisal by a reliable local real estate agent. Winter time may see fewer properties on the market, meaning less competition. And buyers who are out and about looking during winter are often more serious.  

Showcasing your home:

1.  Create a warm atmosphere: Make the property feel warm and cosy by highlighting your winter features. Ensure your home is well-insulated and heated to a comfortable level prior to any inspections. If you have a fireplace there is nothing better than a crackling fire on a winter’s day. Just make sure the fireplace has a safety guard in place and is well secured. If you have central heating or reverse cycle aircon then have this set at a comfortable temperature. Prospective buyers will be more aware of how well your home retains heat during winter viewings and will remember if your home was warm on a chilly day! You can also add some winter touches like warm throw blankets scattered on couches and beds, rugs to warm any tiled areas and winter warm cushions for that cosy, inviting feel.

2.  Winter garden splendour: Yes, we all know spring sees plants bloom and winter may not seem the best season for your garden. However, you can still add pots of winter colour to your garden to bring it to life. A visit to the nursery can give you the best advice on what plants to use. It goes without saying that you should always ensure your garden is tidy, rake any leaves and trim/prune shrubs and trees. A well-maintained outdoor space, adorned with pots of colour, can still add value to your home, especially during winter. Outdoor heating can work wonders in winter. If you do have a gas outdoor heater then turn it on and if you have a fire pit have it stacked for show, but best not light it, to avoid accidents.

3.  Let there be light: Maximise the natural light in your home by making sure blinds and curtains are open, windows are clean and blemish free, and highlight any north-facing windows for maximum light. Consider increasing indoor lighting with lamps and lighting strategically placed to create a warm and inviting environment, to combat the winter blues. 

4.  Consider using a stylist: If you are concerned your property may appear cold and uninviting perhaps consider hiring a home stylist to make your property pop! A professional stylist can assist with decluttering, furniture arrangement and décor to maximise your home’s winter appeal and add that wow factor, potentially adding extra dollars to the sale price.

5.  Flexible inspection times: With shorter days during winter, it is important to offer flexible inspection times to make the most of the daylight and showcase your property in the best light. Aside from the normal weekend open for inspections, lunchtime viewings during the week work well during winter, and are great for workers, allowing more people to come through your property. Multiple opens give flexibility for potential buyers to attend, and more opportunities for a sale!

6.  Highlight the potential of your home in other seasons:  Use photos of the property taken in spring/summer e.g., highlight great outdoor living areas, or the pool if you have one. This will enable potential buyers to recognize what your property can offer in other seasons. 

7.  Great photography/videos: High-quality, professional photos/videos are always important, but even moreso in winter. With correct lighting, even a dull day can look spectacular. 

Remember, while the winter market may require some additional planning and employing some specific marketing strategies, there are still plenty of opportunities out there for a successful sale. 

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