Spruce up for Spring!
By: Smile Elite
August 25, 2023

Are you thinking about selling your property this spring?

“Recent data shows the market is active with capital cities recording high auction clearance rates, including the busiest auction week since before Easter and the fifth busiest week of the year-to-date. This was met with an increase in buyer activity, with six of the seven capitals recording a week-on-week increase in the preliminary clearance rate. The spring season is shaping up to be a busy one, making up for the relatively sedate spring and early summer selling season last year.” Core Logic – Augus

So why is spring a popular time to sell?

The Weather’s Fine – The warmer spring weather sees more potential buyers out and about viewing properties. The rejuvenated atmosphere pertaining to spring, often puts people in a better mood and more receptive to making decisions. More active buyers searching for their dream home, translates to an increased demand for properties and greater opportunities for you.

Competitive Edge - While there may be more properties on the market during spring, the increased demand from buyers means that a well-presented property can still stand out and attract strong offers. With your property in great condition and priced competitively, it's more likely to attract attention.

Gardens Look Great - With blooming flowers and lush greenery, gardens and outdoor spaces are often at their most appealing, enhancing the attractiveness of properties. Make the most of your outdoor spaces, with plenty of colour, (use pots of seasonal colour if needed), shrubs at their best and manicured lawns.  Nothing says welcome more than a well looked after garden with curb appeal.

Improved Presentation - Spring's natural light makes it easier to stage and present your home at its best. Ensure you make the most of natural lighting and have your home spick and span with a good spring clean before hitting the market. This can make your property more appealing to prospective buyers and enhance its perceived value.

Daylight Saving Time - An added bonus with an additional hour of daylight! This gives buyers more time to inspect properties after work. More inspections, means more opportunities for you to sell your property.

Improved Market Conditions – As seen by the data, springtime can see an increase in property listings and a more vibrant real estate market, providing both buyers and sellers with more options.

Smoother Relocation - Although moving can be a little stressful, the pleasant weather that spring brings makes the task of packing and moving a more attractive proposition for potential buyers, as well as sellers.

Moved and Ready for the Festive Season – With the onset of spring, the months to the festive season draw closer. Many buyers look to purchase and move prior to the holiday season, allowing them precious time to celebrate and create memories in their new home.

In Before Year End – Many people prefer to settle into a new home before the end of the year, making spring a popular time to buy.  Families can move and settle into their new home and surroundings before the new school year starts.

Consider these key preparation steps to have your property spring ready:

Interior Improvements – A coat of fresh paint always works wonders both indoors and outside if required. Also, ensure you attend to any minor repairs, so potential buyers are not distracted by the thought of additional dollars needing to be spent.

Decluttering – It is important to have minimal furniture and decoration in your home. This enables prospective buyers to visualise themselves in each room without distraction. Get advice from your real estate professional on ways to enhance your property’s presentation. If you are not adept at decluttering, and budget allowing, hiring a professional stylist might be the answer. They can assist in displaying your home to its best advantage and help maximise your sales opportunities.

Exterior Enhancements – The exterior of your property is the first impression, so its crucial that it gives a WOW. Exterior paintwork, fencing, driveways, entrances, and outdoor entertaining areas need to be looking their best.

Landscaping - Gardens need to be in tip-top condition. Don’t have a green thumb? Then working with a landscaper may be a great investment if your budget allows. Tailoring outdoor spaces for spring appeal by adding seasonal flowers in gardens, or pots, works a treat to say welcome!

Power Washing – Never forget driveways and external paved areas. Giving these a power wash will make them look like new!

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent – The selection of your real estate professional in selling your property is critical. They can assist and guide you every step of the way and develop marketing strategies to ensure the best possible outcome is achieved. With access to professional photographers, stylists etc, you can be assured your property will be marketed and staged to stand out at inspections.

Compliance and Documentation – Once you decide to put your property on the market, speak with your real estate professional and lawyer/conveyancer regarding all documentation required.

It is important to remember that whilst spring is a prime selling time and offers many advantages, the ideal time for selling always depends on individual circumstances. Find out what your property is worth with an obligation free appraisal to make an informed decision.

Acknowledgements: Core Logic