Spring Into Freshness!
By: Smile Elite
October 18, 2023

Our homes deserve to feel fresh and alive after winter. Spring is the perfect time to clean, revitalise and remove the dust, clutter, and dreariness of the winter months. And, if you are considering selling , it is even more vital.

Key Tips for an Efficient Spring Clean:

  • Planning is Key - Create a task list of what you want to tackle. From de-cluttering rooms to cleaning. Do not overwhelm yourself. Set a realistic schedule, and remember— Rome wasn’t built in a day! 
  • Clutter-Free is Stress-Free - Top of your list, room-by-room, purge the unnecessary. Sell online for extra cash or donate, and enjoy the lightness of being clutter-free. 
  • Windows, Blinds and Curtains - Clear out winter's neglect. Use a white vinegar-water mixture for sparkling windows inside and out. Wash curtains, dust blinds, cleaning with a damp cloth if necessary.
  • Floor Love - Steam clean carpets to eliminate grime, built-up dirt and allergens. For wooden or tiled floors, a sweep and mop will do the trick. Use wood-friendly products for wooden surfaces.
  • Walls and Ceilings - Start top-down, cleaning everything using a slightly damp cloth, from light fixtures to skirting boards and door handles, particularly in the kitchen. Use a track brush to loosen debris in window and door tracks and then vacuum. For dusting, use an ostrich feather duster; it's a dust magnet! 
  • Stay Cool - Prepare your fans and air-conditioners for summer. Dust and dirt can exacerbate allergies. Clean or replace filters and blades; remember the old pillowcase trick for ceiling fans. Use an old pillow case to encase the blade, rub to remove dust and fuzz on top. Keeps the dust enclosed, preventing a dust storm!
  • Breathe Easy - Usher in fresh air. Open windows to replace mustiness with spring’s freshness.
  • Bedroom Bliss - Wash bedding, including mattress protectors and pillows. Gently wipe down mattresses. Sun-dry pillows for a natural freshen-up.
  • Bathroom Sparkle - Deep clean everything! For mould, use white vinegar and a microfibre cloth, or a specialised mould-killing cleaner, but do follow the instructions.
  • The Great Outdoors  – Clean and wash down your patios, decks, and BBQ grills for spring and summer entertaining. Beautify the garden, prune any winter damage, plant spring flowers in the garden, or pots, weed and mulch. And don’t forget to check the BBQ gas bottle or charcoal!
  • Kitchen and Storage - Expired items out! Clean pantry and cupboard shelves, fridge and oven. Remove everything from the fridge, cleaning shelves and storage bins, plus the shelve runners, as these can harbour dirt and germs. Deep clean your oven and stove. And remember the linen cupboard! Do a declutter and get rid of any old towels and linen.
  • Wardrobe Rotation - Pack away winter gear and greet spring attire. Donate unused items.
  • Garage Glory - Organise, shelve, and maybe even host a garage sale for those unused/unwanted items!
  • Energy-Efficient - Upgrade to energy-efficient bulbs. Seal draughts to retain cool air in summer.
  • Safety First - Test smoke alarms. Check the expiry on fire extinguishers and first-aid items and replace as needed.
  • Tech Maintenance - Dust off keyboards, screens, and sanitise your phone.
  • The Finishing Touch - Refresh your home with fragrance using natural methods like diffusing essential oils. Try natural scents like eucalyptus or lemon myrtle.

Maintain the Sparkle  Daily

Control the Clutter - Efficient storage means less clutter. Clutter-free surfaces are easier to clean, so always return items to their place.

Bed Ritual - Begin with a win; make your bed daily! And influence your mindset positively.

Kitchen Duties - Clean as you go. A daily wipe-down prevents germs and grime build-up.

Laundry - Regular washes prevent pile-ups. Stay organized

Weekly Refresh

Bathroom - Regularly disinfect key areas, clean vanity and shower screen.

Kitchen - A weekly clean, using anti-bacterial spray, of countertops and appliances keeps them shining. Wipe out the microwave, and clean stainless-steel appliances with stainless-steel cleaner.

Laundry - Ventilate, clean, and air out your washing machine.

Floors - Sweep, vacuum and mop to keep floors welcoming.

Try this  handy cleaning checklist  to keep you on track!

After completing your spring clean, kick back and revel in your home's newfound freshness. Stay on top of maintenance, and you will be forever-grateful to yourself. 

Enjoy spring in all its glory!

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