Shayne Hutton

Co-Founder/Principal - Sales Lead

A little about me

For more than two decades Shayne Hutton, Co-Founder and Elite Real Estate Lead has been selling real estate of the highest standard and is regarded as one of the industry’s leaders. Gathering awards for excellence on a worldwide stage with Australasia’s largest real estate franchise group, Shayne has forged a reputation for being a stand-out industry leader. Shayne’s greatest strength is his ability to get to the heart of what both his vendors and buyers are truly seeking to achieve. Having been responsible for the sales of some of Sydney’s most exclusive real estate, Shayne works tirelessly for his clients, ensuring that everything possible is done to guarantee an outstanding result.

As the owner of a multiple office network for most of his career, Shayne is a natural leader, demonstrated predominantly by his actions. A true expert in his field Shayne is a highly sought-after real estate authority whose opinion and advice is highly respected in the industry.

With a level of experience and knowledge that few achieve in their careers, Shayne is forever striving to obtain the perfect outcome for his clients. He is a firm believer that the journey is just as important as the end result and recognises that communication throughout a campaign is paramount.


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